Simply Jewel Cosmetics

As a child Jewel has always had allergic reactions to many foods and elements of the ecosphere. Her experience as a child leads her to want to create products that she could use. After placing in a professional nail competition, she was introduced to a chemist. She was hoping to create a fragrance but was encouraged by the chemist to develop a cosmetic line first. From there, a new journey began. Simply Jewel Cosmetics was established in 1990. With the start of Simply Jewel Cosmetics, Jewel also started freelance makeup artistry and taught at the modeling agencies Barbizon and John Casablanca’s Denver. As Jewel’s understanding of the cosmetic industry grew, her line began to grow as well. She understands the cosmetic industry and quickly noticed a need for various products to get the look for a photoshoot, television, and also to present different looks for daytime, nighttime, and an anvangar, (dramatic look).

Jewel satisfies all complexions and skin tones from zero pigments (albino) to the darkest coloring. Many people have purchased products they loved in the department store but were not satisfied after because they looked totally different in natural lighting. So, the choice then becomes the trip back to the store to return the product or throw them in the drawer of unused products. Jewel uses chromalaux light to reveal the exact dimensions of the natural pigmentation of a person’s skin. Therefore, custom blending makeup is her primary tool in creating healthy-looking skin. After forming the Simply Jewel Cosmetics contemporary makeup and mineral makeup line, she switched gears to develop a natural organic item for sensitive skin. This is an excellent option for people who battle with issues due to eczema or dry skin, and it is safe enough for cancer survivors or those who embrace natural products for their skin. Simply Jewel natural organic products are formulated and handmade by Jewel! All body-butters and bath salts are made to order.


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