About Me

My techniques are proven. My recommendations are insightful. And my help is authentic.

Jewel Warfield-Nelson

I’m Jewel Warfield-Nelson, an Allied Health Specialist, BA and creator of Simply Jewel™ Health Services. Regardless of age or state of health, I support people in all phases and changes in life. As a child, severe allergies and asthma prevented me from enjoying many of life’s experiences. Through this, I learned empathy, caring, and compassion. I also learned how to naturally overcome my medical conditions, and I haven’t had an asthma attack or allergic reaction in over 35 years.

My experience in health care spans many hospital floors: labor and delivery, Orthopedics, the cardiac unit, the cancer unit, the psych ward, and medical surgery. And the “med surg” floor, where everything and anything can happen. Just to name a few. I take pride in the qualified skills I’ve developed over my many years of service, and my experience allows me to see connections that many medical professionals miss.

Through art and science, my passion is uplifting people in a way that supports their wellbeing. Nursing is an art through naturally caring for a patient, and it’s a science through studying the mechanisms of the body.

I treat my customers like family. I began life as a very sick little girl, discovered my journey of self-recovery, and rose to serve others. Now, I help people learn to thrive through creatively conditioning the mind, body, and soul to be our best selves.