We are committed to restoring wellness to your life


Simply Jewel’s team has over 100 years of combined experience consisting of biologists, chemists, nurses and paramedic examiners. We understand what it takes to be successful in creating a plan for individuals, quality care, and excellent support, although every scenario is different for every patient/client. Your treatment plan will be based on your personal needs. 


We support in evaluating and reducing the stressors of acute and chronic diseases/diagnosis, including cancer survivors. We assist in nutritional values and rehabilitating services upon discharge from the hospital. We also provide Paramedical exams for Insurance agencies and private doctors, along with home health care, personal care, or non-medical needs naturally.


Consultation sessions are provided for the client where they can submit their lab results to assist with their choice of care, techniques, and helpful recommendations for your individualized plan. We have a comprehensive membership program that is affordable for everyone and will assist in helping you create your own package that fits your needs. We are not doctors, simply qualified, great thinkers understanding the mechanism of the body, mind and soul.


Jewel is uniquely qualified to help clients and patients thrive with her expansive knowledge and experience. She has always had a passion for helping others since childhood. Simply Jewel has proven and can assist in getting back to basics due to the overwhelming day-to-day pressures of life. Jewel believes in blending Eastern and Western medicine in allowing the client to manage their wellbeing in slowing down the process of illness and working in harmony to be a more healthy you!

The team at Simply Jewel has over 100 years of combined experience consisting of Biologists, Nurses, Chemists, and Paramedic Examiners. We understand what it takes to be successful in creating a treatment plan for individuals as every plan is different for every patient/client. Most of all we care…FACT


Our services include cosmetics created by Jewel and alternative information to aid in healing. Internally, externally, spiritually, and provide a service to aid in physical appearance and wellness. According to our expertise and research, studies show we are able to help ourselves naturally before the last resort of being hospitalized. Learn how to reduce stress and other cancer-causing factors. Enjoy, endure and embrace your life!

Obtaining more than a license in Cosmetology, Jewel also has a degree in Biology, with a focus on Allied Health, nursing and brings decades of personal experience dealing with asthma and allergies, many who fail to thrive due to trauma, poor eating habits, toxins and more. Her cosmetics line was created because she understands what it’s like to be allergic to a lot of elements. These decades of research and formulations are what stands behind the amazing brand of Simply Jewel Cosmetics.


One of Jewel’s specialty is custom blending to fit individual clients naturally, Mineral Cosmetics, lipsticks, lip glosses, nail polish, and more. We offer products safe for cancer survivors, makeovers, and seminars that can help a person to soar in a time such as this. Our products are great for cancer survivors and individuals looking for clean makeup, a healthier lifestyle and a more natural look. Loving that our product is not tested on animals.

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