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When you make a consultation your first-hour visit will be free. At Simply Jewel, We focus on taking preventative measures, assisting with diagnoses and disease. You might be feeling like something doesn’t feel right due to your health or family member’s well-being. “That is where we come in”.

As an Allied Health Specialist Jewel can support you working with a team of healthcare specialist to design a comprehensive, individualized program to facilitate and restore normal healthy function to your overall health. Jewel will assist with the understanding of how your blood flows to be healthy or stable whether or not you use medication. Other diagnoses can be discussed and researched with our biology team.

Like anything in life, To feel better, You must be ready for change! You must be coachable, and team up with your physician.


Anyone and everyone! We cater especially to those who know the importance of aligning their health on every level.  We work to create a unique and successful relationship as your Allied Health Specialist, (us) your health service provider (physician), and you. We are the team who will go out of our way to establish a solid rapport. We will strive to assist in the management of your health, and to assist that you achieve wellness.

Paramed Exam


  • This service is exclusively for Physicians and Insurance Agents only
  • We are independent contractor service or Assist via Direct Orders
  • Providing wellness screenings, medical exams including, but not limited to saliva tests, blood and urine, EKG, bio-metrics and carrier of complete packets to their patients/clients.
  • We provide a pleasant experience and great skills to successfully accommodate “hard sticks”
  • Appointments and exam locations are confirmed the night before with Recommendations for proposed clients or patients.
  • We provide direct billing for new physicians or Agents (to be completed and approved before services begin).

For more information inquire by filling out the contact information

We provide One on One Consultations to assist in many ways from pain management to research and understanding prescribed medications. For mobile medical services, private doctors, and direct billing customers under contract, we will perform Paramed lab exams and more.

After Care
For Individuals or family members who may need individualize care. Jewel can help with assessing the client’s environment to ensure a full recovery, including:
• safety tips to reduce incidence relating to a fall
• vitals
• medications
• assisting with ADL’s
Nutritional Support
• create a plan to support healthy choices for weight management
• Food and medicine comparisons to foster healthy habits and avoid adverse reactions
• Educate the client on the mechanisms of our body and its system
• and more!
Maintenance Support for:
• Cancer
• Huntington’s
• Alzheimer’s/Dementia
• Schizophrenia
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Depression
• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
• Anorexia/Bulimia
• Arthritis/Pain
• Peptic Ulcers
• Scoliosis
• High Blood Pressure
• Diabetes


The patient is discharged from the hospital and cannot afford to be followed-up by a doctor but is still in need of follow-up care. The patient or their loved one will call to set up a meet and greet with Jewel. Jewel will work with the patient to ensure that he/she has a smooth transition post discharge. Jewel reviews the discharge instructions from the doctor and completes an intake form. Once this process is completed, she will create a plan for the client to meet their aftercare needs. She will create monthly improvement reports for the client. At this point, Jewel will suggest helpful hints on how to improve their health. Once she has completed the assessment, she will accompany the client to doctor’s appointments for clarity or intervention per client’s consent. Upon review of their lab results, Jewel will schedule a session to go over the results to offer an alternative approach tailored to their needs to assist in their healing process. Jewel offers:
• teas
• essential oils
• yoga nidra for weight management
• Pilates
• 5k walks that include: Presentation, Q&A session, free samples
• and more


Below you will find our packages. You can create your own package to get help with a makeover, learning the benefits of essential oils and teas, etc.
1.) Disease/Diagnosis: Presentation, understanding the disease/diagnosis, research, alternative suggestions (with doctors’ permission if on medication).
2.) Teas and essential oils: Learn the facts, features, and benefits to popular and unpopular species and genus of the root, plant or leaf, free samples and introduction to Simply Jewel’s formulation. (Always do a patch test and consult with your doctor.)
3.) Yoga Nidra for weight Management, Pilates and Breathing Techniques
4.) Cosmetics: Presentation, three makeovers, drawings, and custom blend sessions.

Hand Made

Simply Jewel Natural/Organic products are formulated and handmade by Jewel. She also offers custom blended makeup from zero pigments (albino) to the darkest pigment, created just for you as well as other makeup! So, if it’s cosmetics you’re looking for, you’ve also come to the right place!

Learn more here: www.simplyjewelcosmetics.com

Jewel has formulated her own “Natural Body Butters” and “Hair Loss Salves” safe enough for cancer survivors. There are four formulas for body butter, three bath salts that complement the butter along with hair growth tonics and salves. All made to order. For best results use the body butter on semi-wet skin after a bath or shower. (Insert photos)
Bringing it together

We are not medical doctors; we believe in bridging together art & science for you to be your best self. We find “Lack of Trust” is an alarming part of social stress. Here at Simply Jewel, we focus on taking preventative measures and real customer service. We do not treat you as a number or put you in the box of many. YOU ARE SPECIAL!
A client has rights and choices!


Simply Jewel Accepts cash via, debit, credit, PayPal, and cash app. If you are experiencing financial hardship, we will work with you and would appreciate whatever it is you can donate.

Please see our memberships on patreon or inquire about a special plan

Commercial groups, Private Groups
Cost: $500 (NON-REFUNDABLE) 50% down to secure the date. We will also plan to sell product. Individuals 10 people or less, free with purchase or to be determined at the time of consultation. (See Q&A)

Yoga Nidra: $200. (Eight weeks sessions, two times a week, three-hour sessions, group discounts of five or more and a better understanding of asanas and awareness.)

50+ Years

Of education, experience and research

5000+ Customers

Spanning the USA over 5 decades

24/7 Support

We are here for you when you need us

30+ Cosmetics

We can custom tailor any product for your needs

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