Natural/Organic Products

Hand Made Products 

Simply Jewel Natural/Organic products are formulated and handmade from scratch by Jewel. So, if it’s cosmetics you’re looking for, you’ve also come to the right place! Click on the Cosmetics Tabs or Simply Click Shop!!!

Jewel has formulated her own “Natural Body Temple Butters” when assisting her clients who failed to thrive or needed comfort due to pain and a healing hand. There are four formulas for her Body Temple Butter, three bath salts that complement the butter along with “Hair Loss Growth Tonics” and salves safe enough for cancer survivors including a few more items.

ALL MADE TO ORDER For best results use the Body Temple Butter on semi-wet skin after a bath or shower.

We are not medical doctors; we believe in bridging together art & science for you to be your best self. Our studies find “Lack of Trust” is an alarming part of social stress. Here at Simply Jewel, we focus on taking preventative measures and real customer service. We do not treat you as a number or put you in the box of many. YOU ARE SPECIAL!
We know and understand: A client has rights and choices!

As Jewel says, ” I’m available… How’s your Energy and Do you know who makes your Product?”

A FACT ABOUT JEWEL’S TECHNIQUES: While working with clients in the home health care field. Jewel found several ways to help calm the storm of a person’s pain. While her skills and knowledge to assist baffled many, Jewel created body butters to calm and to bring a peaceful environment that was appreciated by friends and family of their loved ones. Now sharing with all who have an ear to hear and desire the same energy in a jar.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. There are many benefits as well as medicinal purposes. There are many studies that show essential oils like many elements in the world have healing properties. In my opinion there is a time for everything and now is the time to reintroduce alternatives to wellness. Always consult your doctor and do a patch test if on medication.

Lemon oil
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