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Simply Jewel LogoSalons Owners… This new way of partnering up is a win-win for us all. We all are special in our own way. Why not come together for the benefit of our clients all in one place. We can help clients soar and be all they can be mind, body, and soul… Look Great and Perform Great. I would love to help us all “Get into alignment”



What is in it for you?

Because your clients are used to your calming environment while awaiting service, I can come in to provide a clinic/Seminar helping them to make healthy choices…Hence Healthy hair and skin due to better choices and knowledge that they can take home and apply to their everyday life, not to mention set a trend and because you allowed the energy to start in your Salon….WINNER!!! 


How to Start the process?

Pick from a series of topics created for your staff and clients EARN a percentage based on sales and Maximize the Moment $$$$$$

Clinics/Seminars (Makeup, Health and Wellness, Essential oil Benefits and more) 

Aftercare once discharged from hospital (for loved ones and Family)

Nutritional consultation (know why we eat certain foods and the benefits

Alternative approaches to reducing stress and illness (yoga and Breathing techniques)


Custom Blends 

Mineral Cosmetics, Custom Blend Foundation, lipsticks and lip glosses, and enhancers formulated just for the person. We offer products safe for cancer survivors, makeovers, and seminars that can help a person to soar in a time such as this. Our products are great for cancer survivors and individuals looking for a healthier lifestyle and a healthier look (A Natural Look)

  1. Please call for packages to stock the product in your salon and free monthly dates where I will personally come to help you promote and sell our product to clients and friends.
  2. Earn extra money by simply helping the clients to gain knowledge. As they say, we come to our demise by lack of knowledge especially in the communities that have little resources.
  3. Why are we different? Because we have the information that some cosmetic companies hide, we use chromolaux lighting for a natural look, Sale returns are low, not tested on animals, 
  4. We can explain why Health and Wellness are the new SEXY!

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