Mineral Eyeshadows

The Simply Jewel Mineral eyeshadows are clean, meaning there is no chemicals added and safe enough for cancer survivors or for anyone who does not want to add artificial additives to their skin. There are 3 different palettes and one more to come this fall.

To be able to have all the colors to assist with your natural, anvangar, spring colors and the last to join this great collection will be the fall colors. Keep checking for more  information about our growing cosmetic line.

FUN FACT: Jewel has a huge resume when it comes to the cosmetic and modeling Industry. From working with world renown artists, modeling herself to teaching models at two well known modeling Agencies. In the late 70;s until the mid 90’s Jewel also sold cosmetics and fine fragrances for many name brand cosmetics and fine fragrance companies. Jewel’s expertise and experiences allowed her to create and distribute her own cosmetic line to seven states and Pakistan.

Supporting: The Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research FoundationDonate Today!
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