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Jewel has also volunteered at the 9Health Fairs (Formerly 9News health fair) over ten years, bringing communities together to provide preventive health education. For over a decade, Jewel has worked as a mobile medic examiner assisting 800+ insurance companies and doctors, from 2003 to currently. In 2003 her medical journey was ignited again, she worked as a contractor and as an employee with several nursing agencies and hospitals for over eight years, where she gained proficiency on every floor: psych ward, telemetry, cardiac, emergency, labor and delivery, orthopedics, med-surgical levels, ER to name a few. Patient’s love her because she has an atypical way of nursing and a soft touch. As an examiner with years of experience, there is no such thing as a “hard stick” –

“I continue to challenge and educate myself daily.” says Jewel. She also states that she is very broad in her love for science.

OF DEDICATED AND EDUCATED Biologists, Nurses, Chemists and some Paramedic Examiners that create a specialized group of trained professionals that are proficient in completing Paramedical exams for life insurance companies, Prometheus orders for physicians and Health care providers, supportive health care tools to patients and clients assisting individuals and communities to improve their overall health – Mind, Body, and Soul. We provide many services, including the following.


Studies and assistance with internal alternatives for disease and diagnosis, supporting physician before the need to prescribe medication.


We offer external body imaging through use of cosmetics, natural products including our very own line of mineral and natural makeup products all of which are safe for cancer survivors.


Providing a special skill to create nutrition plans created just for you and advice in combination with physical activity and coaching skills that encompass many tools independently. Balance is key and vital to healing with making healthy choices.


Simply Jewel provides information to increase alternative approaches to prevent the patient’s return to the hospital within a two-week period due to lack of trust, no one to help care for them after discharge, and/or religious beliefs.

50+ Years

Of education, experience and research

5000+ Customers

Spanning the USA over 5 decades

24/7 Support

We are here for you when you need us

30+ Cosmetics

We can custom tailor any product for your needs

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