Jewel was born in a small town, Danville, Illinois, and since high school, she has had a passion for learning how to help others. As a child growing up, Jewel had severe asthma and allergies. She was too young to make her own choices, but now as an adult, Jewel is making better choices by changing her diet to fit her needs that encompasses the following: teas, yoga, pilates, walking, and weights. As a result, her asthma and allergies have improved, and she has not experienced any asthma attacks in over thirty years.

While attending high school Jewel enrolled in a program called the vocational-technical school, otherwise known as vo-tech. It was a program offered in high school that assists students that are bound for college that will boost their skills to realize a distinct educational advantage over other students in their major. Jewel’s focus was on nursing. Upon graduating high school, she took some nursing classes at Danville Area Community College. She quickly realized that she had a way with patients that seemed to come naturally and a sense of ease with her. Vo-tech, along with her college classes, is what ultimately launched her desires to get involved in the healthcare arena.

Jewel’s mother, a magnanimous person who was someone whose generosity of spirit was so enormous, taught her to overcome her fear of death as this was standing in her way of becoming a nurse. Jewel’s mother once told her, “People fear the dead, but we should fear the living.” This quote had such a profound effect on Jewel that it taught her to overcome those fears and gave her the courage to pursue a career in the medical field, helping those in need. As time went on, she also realized she could still help people by encouraging them to love their self by making them look and feel better about their appearance.

As a teenager, she would braid the guy’s hair before they played basketball in the park and style friend’s hair. Realizing another gift of helping and encouraging people, she took a break from nursing classes and enrolled in cosmetology school. Jewel completed her certification in eight months, soaring high and qualifying her for many hair awards. In 1982 she became a top hair designer for a salon called “Hair Performers” (no longer in business). Jewel competed in hair and nail competitions, placing in the top tier and realized Jewel had made great strides in her profession as a hair designer. She began researching how to formulate a fragrance that reminded her of the times when her mother would get ready for a night out with her father. That is when a chemist told her to create a cosmetic line to develop a name for herself as well as a fragrance. Since then, her mother has passed, and it is a dream for Jewel to make a fragrance in memory of her mother, knowing she would be proud.

Jewel was married in 1982 to Grady, then together they had a son six years later named Johnathon. Realizing the need to balance out her life, she opened a nail and makeup center that was in business for fourteen years. Life brought about a change. The family moved and relocated to the Denver, Colorado area, which caused her to close after commuting for nearly three years every three weeks. Recollecting how she loved the cosmetology industry she still missed nursing, so she enrolled in college once again. Soaring high, she completed her CNA classes and went on to nursing school. Jewel obtained her bachelor’s as a tri-major (Biology, Chemistry & Spanish) minoring in Allied Health from Metro State in Denver, now Metro University. As time went on and life, she began volunteering at nine news health fairs, mobile cancer sites, and many different associations that would connect her with many hospitals and people who failed to thrive.

Everything Jewel had a desire and passion for was to uplift someone and herself in a way to assist in the wellbeing of a person’s life. Thinking how cosmetology was art and science, nursing was an art (naturally caring for a client), and science (the mechanism of the body) how we function and all the natural herbs on earth, choices and getting in alignment can take many through life stress-free. Jewel finally realized she had been put in a position to spread the word in addition to telling her story as a sick little girl who was able to help herself and that she could assist others naturally to thrive and condition the mind body and soul.

Simply Jewel has created a team to assist with her experiences together over 100 years of combined experiences consisting of biologists, nurses, chemists, and paramedics. They utilize the blood ranges and other creative guidelines to assist clients one by one, attend biometric screenings, and assist with helping others who would like to make healthy choices and those who fail to thrive. While working in the hospitals, Jewel noticed clients who sign discharge papers but would end up back at the hospital for the same reasons or worse. It saddens her as she continued to realize there is a need for preventative measures on a smaller scale and how communities could use the additional help. One of the critical factors in the success of our company is the way we treat our customers like family. From individuals to families, we treat our customers the way anyone would want to be addressed. FACT!


The mission is to bring awareness to all who are prepared, willing, and a desire to make a conscious decision of making healthy choices as well as a lifestyle.


To promote wellness inside and out by assisting individuals to connect with nature, self, and their higher power. This includes eating healthy, exercise, incorporating alternative and conventional (integrative) awareness.


Offering tools that exemplify how to look natural when applying makeup, in order to feel and look beautiful, part of healing the body, mind, and soul.


Simply Jewel has created revelatory products by using her cosmetology, medical, and science background to develop products that are safe enough for cancer survivors and all who care to thrive by getting back to basics.


  • Research studies, and assistance with internal alternatives for disease and diagnosis while being supported by physicians before the need of being prescribed medication. (Recent blood work is needed (within 90 days) in order to assist. In addition, an assessment to be completed at consultation)
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Guidance… upon discharge from the hospital Jewel will offer valuable information to the patient to help facilitate alternative approaches to prevent re-hospitalization within two weeks. In some cases, due to lack of trust and no one to help care for them after discharge, and religious beliefs this transition can be a difficult time and Simply Jewel can step in and ease the burden on the patient and the family.
  • Yoga / Pilates
  • Detoxification capacity
  • Mineral and Natural Makeup Products – No Additives, No Preservatives, (Not tested on animals), Safe for cancer survivors.


For over a decade, Jewel has worked as a mobile medic examiner assisting 800+ Insurance Companies and doctors. From 2003 to currently. In 2003 working as a CNA, she worked with several nursing agencies contracting with over 8 hospitals, gaining proficiency on every floor: Psych ward, Telemetry, Cardiac, ER, Labor and Delivery, Ortho and Med Surgical floors just to name a few.

Patient’s love her because she has an atypical way of nursing and a soft touch. As an examiner with years of experience there is no such thing as a “hard stick” – “I seldom miss or struggle with obtaining blood samples.” says Jewel. She also states that she is very broad in her love for science.

Simply Jewel is committed to helping you discover the underlying cause of your health problem and restoring wellness to your life. Like anything in life, to feel better, one must be ready for change, coachable and team up with your physician. Other diagnoses can be discussed and researched with the biology team.

50+ Years

Of education, experience and research

5000+ Customers

Spanning the USA over 5 decades

24/7 Support

We are here for you when you need us

30+ Cosmetics

We can custom tailor any product for your needs

Thanks To Everyone.

Who believe, support, and purchase Simply Jewel Cosmetics and additionally to those who have utilized my Allied Health Services. We are honored to have helped you over the years. You make us strong.

A Few Kind Words…

I have used Simply Jewel for eight years and I am pleased with the service and products. I will continue using Simply Jewel.

Jewel is truly a professional. I hired her as a caregiver for my 94 year old aunt, during the month of May. She was always prompt, honest, and sincere. Jewel is very knowledgeable in the healthcare field. She knows exactly how to care and manage the elderly, especially in difficult situations.

The 9Health Fair at the Community College of Aurora thanks you for your precious gift of time and energy especially on a cold blustery day. Our fair would not be possible without the help and dedication of volunteers like you. You are a staple at our fair Thanks!

Jewel was recommended by a relative. When I needed help she came, interviewed me and assessed my mom. I was satisfied with the services she provided for five years, until my mom passed away at the age of 90. She also assisted me with 2 total knee surgeries a job well done.

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